Spanish Association of Innovation in Marketing and Sustainable Investment

Who are we?

The SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF INNOVATION IN MARKETING AND SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT (AEIMIS) is established as an independent national association, non-profit and non-speculative, with the aim of centralizing, promoting, and disseminating knowledge related to practices, tools, evaluation methods, and existing investment mechanisms that allow members to understand how these operate in different business sectors.


To achieve these objectives, the association will implement the following activities:


Promote the exchange and professional encounters of practitioners in the defined activity, as well as interdisciplinary interactions with practitioners from complementary areas, fostering an analytical and interpretative attitude towards the development and practice of their professional exercise, researching the real needs of individuals and their natural, social, and artificial environments.


Promote our professional, educational, and cultural development to increase and maintain our level of preparation and operational effectiveness, improving the artifact systems of our environment.


Participate by providing opinions and conclusions elaborated by us in each case, in the decision-making processes of the political, social, and industrial bodies and institutions of the Association, to collaborate in achieving the goals expressed in sections a and b.


Program the necessary actions to achieve social, economic, and welfare improvements for the members.


Work to integrate culture and identity into the actions developed by the Association.


Maintain contacts and collaboration with other associations, groups, services, or entities at the local and international levels for the establishment of relationships and cooperation agreements deemed appropriate.


Contribute to strengthening the relationship between knowledge-generating entities and companies and organizations, and provide support services for business and social innovation.


Promote R&D&I (Research, Development, and Innovation) of products, processes of associated professionals through the induction and stimulation of preferably collaborative projects.


Advise members on innovation opportunities, cooperative projects, grants, commercialization, and internationalization.


Advise third parties (companies, public institutions, and public and private organizations) on the areas of knowledge and experience of the associated professionals.


Promote cooperation to encourage the generation of ideas and synergies among associated professionals along with third parties interested at the national and international levels.


Encourage and enhance the exchange of scientific-technical knowledge among associated professionals, companies, associations, universities, technological centers, and public research organizations.


To achieve these objectives, the association will implement the following activities:


Definition of communication, dissemination, and outreach strategies


Clustering strategies and cooperation with relevant initiatives


Exploitation plans and stakeholders' engagement.

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Spanish Association for Innovation in Marketing and Sustainable Investment.

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